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Need a little something extra to promote your book or business?

Below are a just a few examples of promotional design services.


Bianca Sloane

• Facebook header • Newsletter graphic • Bookmark • Logo •

(Matching Twitter header not pictured. Other projects coming soon!)


Blackfoot Asphalt Maintenance, LLP

• Branding • Facebook header • Website Design • Business Cards • Logo •

(Twitter header, T-shirt Designs, Yard Signs & Vehicle graphics not pictured.)


Vintage photos


• In addition to her Mistresses of History eBooks, this author also started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for bringing vintage photos of historical figures/suffragettes to life through colorization.


(These photos are just a handful of the over 30 images I colorized for this campaign.

Kickstarter introduction video, banners, collages & rewards graphics not pictured.)

West Campus Solar Initiative

• Logo Design • Print Advertisement •

Cathy Harris

• Branding • Facebook header • Blog Images •

(Matching Twitter, YouTube channel, Periscope, & Blog headers, as well as several other banners not pictured.)

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